Seseh Beach Villas
  • Seseh Beach Villa I - Pool and poolside living bale
  • Seseh Beach Villa I - The villa and sea view
  • Seseh Beach Villa II - The villa lit up at night
  • Seseh Beach Villa I - Indoor dining and living areas
  • Seseh Beach Villa II - Stylish living area
  • Seseh Beach Villa I - Hallway artwork
  • Seseh Beach Villa II - The pool and views to the sea
  • Seseh Beach Villa I - Poolside at twilight
  • Seseh Beach Villa II - Downstairs guest bedroom
  • Seseh Beach Villa I - Master bedroom one with sea view
  • Seseh Beach Villa II - Kids bedroom and terrace
  • Seseh Beach Villas - Breakfast within the privacy of your villa
  • Seseh Beach Villa II - Evening poolside
  • Seseh Beach Villa I - Guest bedroom one ensuite
  • Seseh Beach Villas - A path through the ricefields


When hired together, Seseh Beach Villas I and II make a prime venue for large weddings, and the sheer spaciousness of both the villas and the grounds – with an abundance of outdoor areas for relaxation and rejuvenation – coupled with the gorgeous setting of the pools and the manicured gardens overlooking the ocean, makes Seseh Beach Villas an ideal venue for romantic weddings and other special celebrations.
We can recommend expert event organisers, florists, decorators and caterers so you can focus on relaxing and celebrating with your guests.

  • Maximum people sitting: 70 (Seseh Beach Villa 1 only) or 150 (both villas)
  • Maximum people standing: 100 (Seseh Beach Villa 1 only) or 200 (both villas)

an elite haven
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